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Strategic Planning, A Process Approach

  Most strategic
Planning process must be customized to each planners situation, however here are a few categories of process products the form the basis
of our
planning “process approach.”



Strategic Assessment
Often the first step in strategic planning is to determine the current situation. Our strategic assessment tool answers the question “Where are we at right now?” It's the first question in determining
“Where we are going?”

Strategy Research
Researching your strategy was once an expensive, laborious effort. Not anymore. Our internet based research techniques are quick, inexpensive, and largely within your control. You get the basic data you need to create brilliant strategy.

Strategic Facilitation
Professional facilitation by its nature is a bundle
of products. Based on a group of well tested
concepts we customize each facilitation. Our
goal is to help your team members create a strategy that comes up out of their own beliefs and understanding about your strategic situation, a strategy they can implement with passion and tenacity.
Strategy Implementation
Vision and Strategy is critical to guiding your enterprise forward. Critical to the success of an inspired strategy is exceptional implementation. To support such excellence we provide a range of secondary problem solving processes to meet the inevitable barriers which will present themselves as your strategy unfolds.

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