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A highly developed ability to communicate simply about complex issues is key to putting innovative strategies to work in your company and in the market place. Support of these skills has led us to develop consulting techniques and a number of specific products to enhance communication in business. Here are examples:

The Clearing Process - Developed with Dr. David Wise, noted California Psychologist, the Oculus Clearing Process© has been continually tested and improved since 1981. It is designed to “clear up” relationships between team members tasked to plan and/or create innovations together. Elegantly simple, the process has become the basis of the strong, creative harmony for some of the most successful, long-term management teams at work in the Silicon Valley and around the world.

Clear Path - Clear Path is a menu of consulting products with elements to help:
  • Fully define the messages you want to communicate to your corporate audience
  • Develop expressions in text, graphics, audio, and video on-line or in person
  • Get immediate-term audience feedback or create discussion groups on-line


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