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UNFOLDING How The Oculus Management Process Products Developed

New Ideas – After ten years helping to introduce new products into supermarkets and drug stores for large U. S. firms, we turned our focus entirely to the “process” by which companies create and implement new ideas regardless of their industry.

Core Issues and Defined Strategy – We found our clients needed to carefully identify their core issues, defining the strategy into which to fit the new ideas they want to create. We developed facilitation mechanisms to support planning teams in more quickly devising basic strategy.

Research Informed – Core strategic issues often need illumination to make sense of them. We carried forward ongoing training and experience in research to help clients get the knowledge they need to make informed strategic plans.

Aligned Team – Strategy planning teams and teams tasked with creating innovations cannot create well together if they are not in a high degree of alignment and harmony. Early on we set out to create the coaching and group processes needed to develop and enhance the level of harmony among our client teams.

Implementation Systems – As our consulting practice unfolded, it became clear that powerful strategy and inspired innovation were only part of the equation. This led us to develop ongoing consulting support for our clients in their long-term efforts to implement their plans to the highest standards.

Leadership and Communication – In the final analysis we came to see our consulting as a support for the leadership of the men and women whose job it is to move their enterprises ahead. Our work helps them refine the messages they must deliver and to motivate the action required to succeed.

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