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Terry Pettengill – Terry is the co-founder of Oculus Management Process and serves as its CEO. He has developed or co-developed many of the Oculus products. He serves a senior consultant to Oculus clients and teams with other Oculus team members as client’s needs indicate. Terry brings expertise and experience to all three Oculus focuses: strategy, innovation, and communication. He can be contacted at tgp@oculusmp.com or use the feedback form below.

Charles Loewenberg - Charles is one of the original developers of the "Management Process" approach to business and personal/professional planning in the early 1970's. He was a long term partner in the Oculus organization serving many of the firm's clients and developing the consulting approaches discussed in this site. Charles' consulting activity now ranges across many industries throughout the US and in Europe. He is a much sought after individual executive coach to highly placed business people and planning leader for their teams. He can be reached at Crl4solutions@earthlink.net.

Nicholas Bizony - Nick brings years of experience and expertise where Oculus clients need to move their strategic execution out onto the plant floor. Nick is expert in employee involvement programs where larger numbers of employees, both unionized and non-union, must contribute to making a strategy success. Nick is the co-founder of the Lakeland Group headquartered in the Chicago area and can be contacted at http://www.lakelandgroupinc.com.

Americ Azevedo - Americ is a consultant with long-term expertise in computer and web-born communications, on-line community formation and distance learning. He supports Oculus clients when they need to reach larger audiences for their strategic messages, engage these audiences in constructive dialogue, and get further feedback to guide next strategic steps. Americ is a lecturer at UC Berkeley’s school of computer engineering. Americ can be reached at http://www.goldwarp.com.

Gary Blackton - Gary is a senior consultant with expertise in informational research, branding, marketing and communication. He provides the basic research when Oculus clients need wider research into knowledge which will guide their strategic planning and decisions. Gary is the founder of Blackton Research operating out of Portland, OR, at www.blackton.com






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