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Every Business Situation Is Unique - The names in these case studies have been withheld, no one’s circumstance reflects your circumstance, in your industry. Yet examples of our services to others can help demonstrate how Oculus contributes to its clients. The names have been withheld to maintain appropriate confidentiality.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: New York-based Fashion House

  • Nearly 20 years of support of top leadership to include a strategic transition from ready-to-wear suppliers serving “discounters” like Sears and WalMart, to a focus on the fashion interest of major department stores.
  • Facilitating a planning process in moving from a manually-based, to a computerized-based design and production prep system.
  • Helping top leadership in switching from owned, domestic manufacturing base to global, contract manufacturing resource.
  • The result: In a steady gain in sales and profitability over two generations of company management.

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    INNOVATION PROCESS: National Specialty Retail

  • Implemented a five-year project to facilitate top leadership in defining its team’s approach to product design, sourcing, merchandising, and store design.
  • The approach became a “classic” in specialty store innovation process; helped manage continuous rapid change for the company and its leadership.
  • The result: Profitable sale of the chain to the TV’s Discovery Network (now the Discovery Channel Stores).
  • COMMUNICATION: Global Professional Services Partnership

  • Assisted in the development strategic vision and plans of this large, multi-market firm.
  • Collaborated with top executives on matters pertaining to the development of the firm and their communications.
  • Development of visual expressions of complex concepts to aid audience understanding and to add impact.
  • Assisted in creation of both printed and electronic communication pieces related to strategic issues.
  • Provided leadership in the development of major annual and periodic communication events, e.g., executive offsites.
  • Results: 20 years of growth
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